VOTV – The Voice Of The Voiceless

Introduction to VOTV

My name is Teerth Sond and I’m the founder of VOTV. I thank God The Father,The Son, our Lord Yeshua& The Holy Spirit for the love, prayers and supportfrom my wife & children, the fellowship I attend& co lead, The Fellowship OfServants & from Moriel& Jacob Prasch with whom we are Affiliated with. I would also like to thank all our dear brethren in The Lord for their prayers & support, for without the prayers of the saints there would be no VOTV.

VOTV’s soul purpose is to wake up the Body Of Christ through the power of The Holy Spirit concerning the mass murder of millions of babies across the globe every year via abortion. In the entire world, about 1.7 babies are killed EVERY SECOND. 102 babies are killed EVERY MINUTE. 6,120 babies are killed EVERY HOUR. 146,880 babies are killed EVERY DAY. 1,028,160 are killed EVERY WEEK. This results in about 55 million baby deaths by abortion EVERY YEAR!!! In a single decade, half a billion people are clearly wiped off the face of the Earth before they are born in their mother’s wombs.

VOTV also addresses world-changing events as seen through the lenses of the Bible. The right of Israel to exist and the salvation of the Jewish people, the evil exploitation of young children, the effects abortion has on both women & men & to speak for and support the persecuted church. VOTV is to both be a WATCHMAN and proclaim THE VOICE OF GOD to the Christians who are asleep & who allowed APATHY to dull & blind their thoughts to the cry of millions who have no voice or whose cry has been muted by the evil in our world today.



VOTV was first placed on my heart several years ago, as I was at work. I overheard a work colleague speaking to one of his female friends on his mobile phone. The conversation was over the young female discovering that she was pregnant and that she was confused about whether to keep the baby or abort it. My work colleague being a worldly man, began saying to the young lady that she was young and beautiful, and why would she want to burden her life with a child and that it was better for her to abort the child. As I sat listening, I could hear the still quiet voice of The Holy Spirit telling me to speak to the young lady. I requested from my work colleague if he didn’t mind if I could speak to the young lady. He asked the young lady if she didn’t mind speaking to me, a Christian, she replied by saying that she didn’t mind. Before receiving the phone I prayed under my breath for the Lord to give me Words of eternal life and that this young woman would understand that the baby in her womb was a child and not a blob or not a person. I began, first telling her that she was carrying another human being in her womb, that 18 days into being pregnant which she was, a babies heartbeats. So she was carrying a child, and that her womb was designed to protect that child and help that child develop. I explained that abortion is just another word for murder. I told her that God clearly declares in his word that life begins at conception and He forms all babies in the womb. That the child that she was carrying was not a burden, but The God Of The Bible declares that a child is a blessing from God and that He will give her the strength to raise the child. She listened intently and thanked me and requested me to give the phone back to my work colleague. Months later I once again overheard my work colleague speaking to this young female friend, but this time he was congratulating her for the birth of her baby boy. I leapt up with joy praising God that this young lady chose to keep the child and that He used a wretched sinner like me to convey His will. But little did I know what was to befall me and my family that would prompt me further to begin VOTV.

In Daniel chapter 3 we read how King Nebuchadnezzar build a golden image and requested all to worship the image as god. The Chaldeans accused that certain Jews would not worship the idol and for that reason they must be cast into the midst of the burning fiery furnace. Shadrach, Meshach & Abed-Nego where summoned before the King and where told that if they did not worship the idol, they would be put to death in the fiery furnace. What these 3 Jewish men said to the King is what me and my family would one day say to the Lord.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to the king, “O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

(Daniel 3:16-18)

Whether God saved them or not they still declared that Lord Yeshua was Lord of Lords and King of Kings and not any golden Image! My family would see both sides of this pray and it was only by The Lords strength, comfort, love, faithfulness, grace, mercy & Word that kept us!


Gods Wonder!!! This is a testimony concerning our daughter Talitha. Our daughter was born 23wks & 6 days chastation. She weighted 1b 2oz; She was so tiny. We remember that day so clearly. I was at work preaching to a work colleague, from the book of James, that we should always say Lord willing every time we make plans. For no man knows what could happen the next hour let alone the next day or next week. Little did I know The Lord was teaching me. That night my wife was bleeding and was taken to hospital by my sister to have a check up. One hour later my sister phoned me to say we had lost our child, the doctors could not find a heart beat. My world was turned upside down, I had to get ready, make sure that my two daughters where looked after at home. That drive to the hospital was so painful. When I got there I saw my wife laying down crying as the nurses and doctors rushed around franticly, as my sister stood near the bed crying, they can’t find a heart beat she kept on saying. My wife gave birth to our daughter and the doctors began to do chest compressions and give oxygen via very small devices. When I saw how small our daughter was, it was shocking! The nurse by now knew we were Christians, so she told us to continue to pray for it was very serious. By now 30 minutes had passed and still no heart beat, they had to call the head doctor from home, she looked me straight in the eyes and told me not to expect anything. The doctors and nurses where rushing franticly as I was making funeral arrangements in my head. My wife lay crying as both me and my sister where praying and crying out to The Lord. I said to God that just like the 3 young Jewish men were about to be thrown into the fire in the book of Daniel, but they said to God whether God saved them or not he still was God. I likewise prayed whether God raised our daughter from the dead or not he still is God Almighty. With the pray of the saints and all of us praying, after 40 minutes-1hour outside the womb they found a faint heart beat. The doctors said to us because our daughter did not have a heart beat for such a long time, that she could have brain damage, be deaf or blind. Our daughter being so small and premature went through so much! Key hole heart op, eye op, many blood transfusions, you name it she went through it, yet showed so much passion for life. But praise God he raised her from the dead. The main nurse told us that she was clinically gone, we learned later that meant in medical terms for that she was dead. But Jesus defied all medical logic and raised our daughter from the dead after having no heart beat outside the womb for 40 minutes, only God knows how long inside the womb. We have named our daughter Talitha, from the gospel of Mark chapters 5-6, where the Lord raised the little girl from the dead by saying talitha cumi, meaning little girl arise. Our daughter showed us how a child fights for life, and how God keeps a child. We read the Bible everyday for months to my daughter while she lay in her incubator. The Word of God formed her heart, mind, and body back together. We saw many babies her chastation go to be with The Lord during our time at the hospital, they would take parents into a room called TLC (tender loving care). It was crazy. But the womb is a place for life and not for death, our child spoke that! Yet abortion destroys that. Today our daughter is 5. She is fine in every way by The Lords grace and right hand. No blindness, no damage to the brain and the hearing fantastic. Praise Yeshua, a child is a gift of God. Wake up Church and Nations Gods judgement is coming.

Aniya Gabriella Sond’s Story

As I sat next to Aniya whiles she was in her incubator I wrote this.

Greetings in Yeshua. As I sit with my child at the neonatal unit, I see a very little person fighting for breath, and movement of her body, a glimmer of life. A child who has machines and wires attached to all parts of her body, in a replicated man made womb. A child that misses the wonder of a womb that God created to protect, comfort and feed a child. I sit and wonder how millions if not billions are spent worldwide for neonatal centres like this, where doctors and nurses fight day and night to save these little ones. Parents cry oceans of tears, their hearts beating faster, emotions going crazy as they watch each second as their child fights for life. Yet across the hospital in another unit billions worldwide are being spent on killing babies via abortion.” 55 million babies” a year! I see babies being called blob, featus and not a human being. I see doctors and nurses getting ready to slaughter the life of the child. I see parents wait in anticipation to get” RID” of their problem, their moment of lust, adultery and fornication; their lies and evil! And just blame it on the child and kill it. Mother’s whose life’s go on to be miserable knowing they have killed their child, fathers looking for the next bit of passion. Yet God knows every slaughtered child, every cry, His judgment is coming. Not to the world first, but to every so called Christian who keeps silent. Who thinks he can look the other way and live in his or her box, and dancing with this world. Who denies the Word of God with his life. Yet with his mouth speaks false love for God. Repent Church and wake up! Be the voice that God calls us to be through His Spirit. There is no other way. I sit and realise that the world can continue and kill a child, yet God will fight their cause and judgment is coming. But what about us? What are we doing? Sitting snug in our warm churches, homes and work places, feel a little bit of discomfort as we look at the images and then just go back to our daily life’s. Let our babies be butchered by the millions & billions, let our loved ones go to hell, because we don’t tell them the seriousness of the gospel. Give them our false love, well we all better wake up fast! For calamity, and shaking is coming, and it will begin in the house of The Lord first. As I said, two types of units, a neonatal unit and an abortion unit. But both are present in the same hospital, which defies the logic of the hospital. Christians like these hospitals, where on one hand we claim to love the Lord and with the other deny him with our actions and silence, with the love of the world ruling in our hearts, as well wearing a guise of Christianity. Well time is up, wake up and repent!!!



Our eternal little daughter, our eternal princess, Aniya Gabriella Sond. Your name given by God speaks of your character, soul, legacy & and message.” Aniya = Grace, The Grace Of God. Every moment of pain our hearts felt, every tear rolling down our face, you gave us the grace to endure, even though you bore much pain, having great passion for life! You would open your eyes and look at us, and say “don’t worry daddy, don’t worry mommy, Jesus is worth it!” As the Lord bore our sins and our cross, you showed us Gods grace and comfort when we were low.” Gabriella = The Might Of God. You gave us strength when we were engulfed with grief. Though you where sedated, had many tubes in your fragile body, though you where traumatised every time you were handled, yet you still had strength to squeeze our finger with your tiny hand and give us courage to stand and fight, as The Lord did as he rose from the dead. Sond” = your father’s name,” as the Lord came in His Fathers Name, to glorify His Fathers Name. You have glorified our name in your life, by showing and leading us back to The Lord, and stating Jesus Christ is worthy. Your life and legacy far out ways a million life’s. Now rest with The Lord for a little while, yet soon to wake up as the return of The Lord is so very near, and then we will dance and laugh for evermore in the presence of The Lord. For as The Word Of God says “in the Presence of The Lord is the fullness of joy.”€ This is the day Aniya Gabriella we now so much look forward to. Come Lord Jesus Christ, to The Glory of God The Father, through the power of The Holy Spirit. Maranatha!!! AMEN

VOTVThe Voice Of The Voiceless