24 Feb 2020

Gods Knows Every Child/Family

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.

Psalm 126:3

Cristiano Ronaldo = One Of The Greatest Footballers To Ever Live

In 2018 I met Tyson Fury in Wolverhampton and asked him the question about his Faith In The Lord Jesus Christ. On 22/02/2020 Tyson Fury gave all the praise for his victory to The Lord Jesus Christ. Please look at the video links. Tyson Fury was born three months premature, and weighing just 1 Ib, his dad John Fury revealed that his son defied doctors, who believed he had very little chance of survival.

Tyson Fury= WBC & Linear Champion Of World

Neonatal units in all hospitals around the globe spend millions/billions to save the lives of babies born prematurely. In these units, premature babies show the doctors, nurses, consultants and their parents the fight for LIFE!!! Babies survive against all odds, as did our child Talitha who was born without a heartbeat for 2-3hours. She was declared clinically gone; you can read her amazing story on this site, you will find it in “About”

Christiano Ronaldo was going to be aborted by his mother; in a candid autobiography entitled Mother Courage from his mother, Aveiro claims she came close to abortion, even resorting to her own plan when a doctor said no.

As per the Irish Independent:

“I wanted to abort but the doctor didn’t support my decision,” she admits in the book. She went on to explain she drank warm ale and “ran till she dropped” without achieving her aim. The same report adds that Ronaldo himself knew this story from his past and remains close to his mother, although he did not attend the book launch, citing work commitments as Real Madrid begin their pre-season preparations:

“He told me when he found out, ‘Look mum, you wanted to abort and now I’m the one who’s pulling the purse-strings in the house.'”

Since 1980 1.6 billion babies have been aborted/murdered; all non-therapeutic abortions. Abortion units in hospitals, abortion clinics and abortion support organisations across the globe spend billions on abortion, many are backed by government tax.

I Can Only Imagine How Many Blessings This Earth Has Murdered!!!

*Glory To Abba Father Through Yeshua Our Lord & Saviour In The Holy Spirit *