25 Mar 2020

Italy You want China; Have China!!!

Northern part of Italy most hit with COVID-19. Milan, the country’s financial hub, and the productive regions of Lombardy and Veneto were in virtual lockdown. Rome the religious hub with the wealth of the Vatican/Roman Catholic Church/False Religious Harlot church. * *Vince Tuscany, Florence the rich tourist hub.

Genoa Italian Hub to the trade deal with China called “The Silk Road”

The North of Italy have regarded the Southside of Italy, Naples, Bari, Sicily & Sardinia as the land of the poor, the dirty people, the untouchables, uneducated, corrupt, not moving with the modern mind & development etc……
Where is COVID-19 spreading?


AntiSemitism & Holocaust denial on the increase in NORTH Italy


Rich North of Italy Choose China!