29 Jun 2022

Please pray for Moriel Ministries Missionaries in India

Greetings In Yeshua

🇮🇳India Mission🇮🇳
2 Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.
Apostle Thomas
William Carey
Gospel In The Punjab

We stand in Pray & Deed with Mark and All involved in the Preaching & Evangelising Throughout India especially in The Punjab. The BJP convict anyone with the Non Conversion Law and Penal Code 295. 
Now Khalistan persecute Christians preaching The Gospel In The Punjab
Shiromani Akali Dal= Is Political Party In India-Punjab- Leader Badal
Established: 1920
Shiromani Akali Dal means Supreme Akali Party
Akali means Eternal one, Waheguru = The Wondrous Enlightened, Ek Onkar = Rab= One God= All Religions lead to Him
They are no longer in power in the Punjab but they still have great influence & power still
Current Leaders
Aam Aadmi Party-AAM are now in power
Leader: Bhagwan Mann
Khalistan= Land Of The Pure- Arabic= Khalsa-Pure
Pure What? Sikhism, yet it many state they contradict many of the writers of The Granth, Guru Nanak etc…..
Guru Nanak wanted to unite the Punjab not divide india
Guru Gorbind Singh fought against The Mughal Empire and protected India
They were behind the killing of PM Indra Gandhi because she stormed the Golden Temple in 1984. 
Two of her own bodyguards who were Khalistan by heart shot her dead
They are supported by many in Pakistan because the want thier own independent Punjab under Sikh Rule
Founder-Jagjit Singh Chohan and he sought to create an independent Sikh( Student) state in the Punjab region of South Asia. This ideology has been around since 1940
In May 1980, Jagjit Singh Chohan travelled to London and announced the formation of Khalistan
Khalistan was banned in India in 2019 as an unlawful association
Prime Face & Leader was & still is Bhindranwala
In 1982 he and his group moved into the Golden Temple complex in Amritsar and made it his headquarters. He was a political figure/revolutionary whose violent ideology and campaign was to fight for a Sikh state of Punjab with the sword & guns. His armed occupation of the Golden Temple led to a vicious and deadly war with Indian army. He was killed in Amritsar in 1984. 
Their front is that of a pleasant approach at first, but they will go through any lengths to uphold Khalsa Rule. They rule with Sword or nowadays the Gun. 
Their Gangsta Rap songs mostly portray and depict
Gun culture
The Punjab is heavily drowned in the drug culture and so called gangsters
Drug lords target college’s and universities 
The drugs come via Pakistan, Afghanistan through Punjab and Delhi 
You can get some killed for as little as £100, many police forces are corrupt and many Politicians are in bed with sharp shooters and the underworld
We pray for all the Sikh community that they will obey Guru Nanak who said follow the Truth. 
John 14:6
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.
“Jesus is Not a way, a truth and a life; but Jesus is The Way, The Truth & The Life Personified”
God loves all the Sikhs and wants to save them all through Christ Jesus Alone
(please look on the Moriel Website “Questions To Sikhs)
Blessings In Yeshua