01 Feb 2023

The Daughter Of Death: Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg’s pro-abortion laws are responsible for the 30+ million babies Murdered Via Abortion. 

She passed died at the age of 87 from pancreatic cancer in 2020

A new gold remembrance statue measuring eight-foot named ‘NOW,’ stands on the courthouse of the Appellate Division building in the Flatiron District, alongside statues of famed lawmakers like Moses, Confucius and Zoroaster.

Ruth – means compassionate friend yet Ruth Ginsburg showed no compassion to the countless babies murdered via abortion due to Laws she passed and endorsed. 

Now she stands guilty before The Lord Of Life; Yeshua. She now sees the evil of her heart and actions and there will be no statues of gold awaiting her, only the Lake of Fire. “The Lord Remembers Every Child & So Should We All!”