07 Sep 2019

VOTV Testimony September 2019

This is Ron, we finally bumped into a true brother in the Lord

This is Ron, we finally bumped into a true brother in the Lord‼ He was so happy as I started speaking about the Lord with him, he was amazed saying he is so thankful to have brethren in his car.
He said he is currently struggling as he has just found out his wife is pregnant with another child, as he is currently struggling financially he admitted to have the thought of the easy way out of abortion. We spoke to him about VOTV, and the Lord’s view on this he agreed and was so thankful we encouraged him for keeping the child.
The Lord bought an encounter yesterday where he left his wallet in the supermarket, somebody called his phone it was the worker at the supermarket, saying he also has 5 kids everything will be alright brother. He was tearing up talking about the Lord, how thankful he is that Jesus is always with him no matter what! He also talked about how worry causes a separation, as we learnt in church!
We sat and prayed with our brother for him and his family, and thanking Jesus for this encounter. He actually said that he was not going to work tonight because he was feeling stressed and worried, but decided to pick up our call, this is no coincidence but a GOD-incidence!
He left with huge joy in his heart, he asked to exchange numbers – and was praising God for this meeting of brethren!
Was truly wonderful and uplifting to meet a brother in the Lord
He needed prayer can we please keep our brother Ron, his wife and his 6 children and 1 on the way in prayer that the Lord keep them
Hearing him talk about the Word we knew this is a true brother in the Lord ❤‼🙏🏽🇺🇸
Thank you Jesus for bringing this encounter,
We truly felt the presence of His spirit 👊🏽🙏🏽‼