16 Sep 2020

Wake Up India From Your Your Blind Justice: Part 2

Disha Salian, SSRs Friend & Manager Was Murdered!!! 100% Both Murders Are Connected!!!


1: Called To A Party In Juhu Mumbai . It’s said Disha attended the party with a friend. She was hesitant to go. She worked for a talent company owned by the Khan brothers. So was forced to attend? Disha worked for Cornerstone Sport (brother inlaw of one of the puny Khan brothers) and Entertainment Private Limited. 

2: Two Narratives:

Disha Salian was raped at the Juhu party or witnessed a minor girl being raped! Child Trafficking and children abducted from the Mumbai orphanages. 

Names Distorted Until Convicted

3: Slimey Peadophile Khan, Arbetter IPL Khan, ImtiAss Khatri, Baby Penguin Thackeray, Sowick, Ibrahimbatty Ali Khan, Soorage Baby Killer Panchollla, MUMBIA Police & many other political figures and actors including a Very High Profile Builder Associated to the Maharashtra government and underworld. 

4: Disha Ran & Escaped From The Party Held In Juhu MUMBIA & Made 3 Frantic Phone Calls; CBI from the mobile tower can locate these calls and the threatening calls made to Disha. Evidence is inescapable CBI, NCB, NIA. 

A: Rang 100= The Mumbia Police. 

B:She Rang SSR & Told Him Everything

C:Disha Rang Her Boyfriend Rowan Ria. 

The High Level Culprits Present At The Juhu Party Intervened with the MUMBIA Police and told them not to do anything; or told them to kill Disha. Could this be the Same DCP related to SSR case; Bandra DCP Abhishek Trimukhe; the very same DCP who did not follow up the What’s App call made by SSRs brother inlaw, on February 2020, OP Singh who stated that SSRs life was at risk. That SSRs family members where concerned. OP Singh is a police officer himself, yet the MUMBIA police ignored the cry; WHY? Because Certain DCPs and officers in the Mumbia Police are paid dogs working for the drug lords, child traffickers, corrupt Maharashtra leaders and those top officials & Bollywood perverts. 

This very same DCP also made private calls to the number one accused Rhea Chakraborty on the 20/06/2020, 5-6 days after SSR was murdered and 8-9 after Disha Was Murdered. 

5: Disha finally arrived at her residence at Janklayan Nagar, Malwani Mumbia, which she shared with Rowan Ria her live in boyfriend. That’s where she was confronted by her murders in front of Rowan Ria. 

The Murders:

A: Mumbia Police Corrupt Officers

B: Goons sent by those high profile corrupt figures present at the Juhu party. Like the very goons sent to beat the 62 year old Navy Veteran at his house. 

C: The Sell Out Boyfriend Rowan Ria; promised a fantastic career break if he sacrifices Disha and kills her. 

D: The very high officials present at the party

6: Disha was thrown out of her 12-14 storey apartment. She did not fall straight as one does when jumping of a building. She was thrown out with great force, because Dishas body landed outside the building compound. Her body landed at a 90 degree angle. That only happens when one is pushed with force or slung out. 

Rowan Ria; the so called boyfriend did not rush to Dishas body until 20-25 minutes after. Neighbours also confirmed they heard various noises and shouts coming from the apartment. No one was questioned the time and especially the main witness who knew & saw everything: ROWAN RIA!!!

On the 09/06/2020 Rowan Ria and friends where planning Disha’s funeral but for some strange reason that day the funeral wasn’t done. Disha’s body lay at the notorious corrupt hospital “The Copper Hospital”. This Hospital is Owned By the famous Thackerays. Surprise Surprise. Disha’s postmortem and botched up Autopsy report, her body kept in the mortuary until 11/06/2020. Rowan Ria then vanishes, case closed by the MUMBIA police. Suicide once again promoted by all. Once AGAIN A MAJOR COVER UP!!!

Then Republic TV, Arnab Investigation Report, BJPs Nitesh Rane exposed the latest revelation and what Rowan Ria has told him about what happened to Disha and how she was murdered and who murdered her. 

7:Disha was SSRs manager, she trusted SSR. Disha also managed other high profile celebrities including Aishwarya Rai, Varun Sharma, Bharti Singh Etc…. Bar SSR the rest have said nothing and kept silent on the Disha case; WHY? Because they know who killed her & have many links and invested interests with these vultures; To these silent so called stars, Disha was just a small time worker. Her precious life meant nothing. Yet to SSR Disha’s life and safety meant Everything & he paid with his life. 

8: SSR made a fatal mistake on the 08/06/2020; he phoned Rhea Chakraborty and Sandip Peadophile Singh and told them about what Disha had seen or what was done to her. These two sellout viscous evil hearted people phoned & alerted the Culprits & the corrupt officials in the Mumbia police. That’s where the PLAN WAS HATCHED TO KILL BOTH DISHA & SSR, other than killing via drugs. 

09/06/2020 Goons via direct instruction from a sinister mind, were sent to SSRs house to remove all his hard drives, hardware and digital ware. SSR had evidence on all the Child Traffickers, Bollywood Child Molesters, Drug Traffickers, Maharashtra Corrupt Politicians, Underworld Crime bosses. SSR officially stated after learning about the murder of Disha “ They Will Not Spare Me Now”. He had plans to set up a press conference to expose the evil nexus!!!

SSR wanted to get out of Mumbia and go to his sisters house In Chandigarh. 

As all the False Pseudo PR campaign, the Bollywood elite, the women’s movement back the Drug dealing & money laundering Rhea Chakraborty; a evil woman used by evil masterminds. All theses sell out fools have said nothing On Behalf of Disha Salian. Why?

Because they all are protecting their own Vested interests; clinging onto their soon to Diminished careers as the whole world boycott and have awoken to their hypocrisy. The People Across The Globe are Fighting For The True DAUGHTER OF INDIA DISHA SALIAN.,WHO STOOD UP FOR THE ABUSED CHILDREN. WHO PAID WITH HER LIFE. A WOMAN OF TRUE VALOUR:; A COURAGEOUS WOMAN…… Let US PRAY THAT THE JUSTICE OF GOD WILL FALL UPON EVERY CULPRIT & THEY TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS!!!

Additional Info:

Is A B Being Silent for this reason? Could It Be For This Reason? Another Suicide!!! Is This True? Just Asking The Question?

Could This Be True Or Are You Silent Because Your A Spineless Hypocrite!!!

Additional Startling Evidence On Disha Salians Murder:
1: Many Forensic experts including Dr Dinesh Ria have intently examined Disha Salians Botched autopsy report. They have found wounds on Disha’s body that where present prior to he fall. 
2: The findings verify additional bruises to Disha’s arms, hands, shoulders, legs and ankles. These additional wounds which where present prior to the fall clearly indicate Blunt Force Injuries, or a Resistance to an attack, or fighting against rape, but they verify a struggle and an attack, before Disha was flung out of her 14 storey apartment. As stated before that it was a 90 degree angle fall; new findings confirm that Disha fell at a 35 degree angle which evidently verifies that Disha was flung out with great force. 
3: Was Disha Salian Held Down & Raped or Beaten Before She Was Flung Out, because witnessed a minor being gang raped. Hand Print Marks On Her Arms Show that in the last hours or minutes of her life she fought viciously as did SSR
4: Siddharth Pathani, One of SSRs workers made a recorded statement to the CBI that when SSR found out that Disha was killed, he fainted. After 2hrs he came around and repeated that they now would not spare him. “They Will likewise do to me what they have done to Disha”! SSR repeatedly said. SSR also knowing that Mumbai police where involved, heightened his personal security. HE KNEW FULL WELL HE WAS NEXT!!!5: Disha on the night of 08/06/2020 after escaping the Juhu Party, also made an 1/2 hour frantic call to a friend in London. It is also verified that Disha made many 100 calls to the MUMBIA police. These calls have gone missing from the police data base. CBI now must relocate all the calls Disha made on the fatal night of the 08/06/2020 To SSR, Mumbia Police, Friend In London & Rowan Ria. 
6: Disha’s Uncle on record has stated that Disha’s parents have received 2 Crore(200k) to support the Suicide lie; but no amount of MONEY CAN HOLD BACK TRUTH. THE TRUTH IS CRYING OUT. EVIDENCE IS CRYING OUT. THE BLOOD OF DISHA, SSR,THE MINOR CHILDREN & SAMEER IS CRYING OUT. ITS UNSTOPPABLE!!!7: SSR Earned 51 Crore during 2019; yet his bank account shows that within as little as a year 49 Crore was robbed from his account. SSRs lawyer Vikas Singh now confirms that this is no LONGER A HOMICIDE; BUT A DOUBL OR QUADRUPLE MURDER/HOMICIDE!!!8: Eye Witness Account: Disha Was Raped By 4-7 peopleShe was screaming, tortured, brutally raped, loud music was played to disguise Disha’s screaming and the mocking of the culpritsWitness states he is in hiding, having nightmaresHis friend is missing who took him to the party. They both where locked up into a room. He said that Disha was killed 11pmI am happy to Speak to CBI We rushed to the Bandra police station; the footage is on the CCTV cameras. Just as 7 people where invoked in SSRs death, likewise their where 7 involved in Disha’s murder9: NCB have summoned Karan Jahor, Shahid Kapur, Vicky and many so called Bollywood fools. Their time is up. Their links to Drug barrens, child Traffickers, Molesters has caught up to them. They thought they where above the law; now TRUTH & JUSTICE WILL SHOW THEM WHO’S THE BOSS!! Please watch: