20 Mar 2022

Who is Gog? Ukraine War: Ezekiel 38-39

Key Indicators 

Satanic influences 

1: Giants. Gog and Magog were allied with the armies of Satan. Alexander’s Gate, said to have been built by Alexander the Great to imprison these uncivilized and barbaric people until the end of time.

Chief Prince= Prince Of Persia-Prince Of Greece- Territorial Spirits: Daniel Chapters:10 & 11

Chief of Assyria 

2: Assyrian Gagu= A Median= in the  Tel-el-Amarna tablets, (Ancient Egypt) has been identified from the first with the name of Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal

Chief Of Turkey/Syria

3: Gog has been identified by modern scholars with Gyges, a 7th- century BCE king of Lydia, and with the Akkadian god Gaga; and it has also been argued that the name Magog is derived from an Akkadian word meaning “the land of Gyges. Lydia= Turkey= Gaga= Assyrian & Babylonian god= Gyges= Gugu= Ancient Greek=King Of The Lydians= Grandfather/Chief= The main source for Gyges is Herodotus, whose account may be traced to the poet Archilochus of Paros. In this, Gyges was a bodyguard of Candaules, who believed his wife to be the most beautiful woman on Earth. He insisted upon Gyges seeing his wife disrobed and the betrayal so enraged her that she afterwards gave Gyges the choice of murdering her husband and making himself king, or of being put to death himself.

Chief Of The Scythians/ Persia 

4: In the st century CE the Jewish historian Josephus claimed that Gog and Magog were the Scythians

Scythians= Nomadic warriors- Nomadic Iranian People-migrated to the north from Asia in the 8-7th Century BCE- Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, Syria and all surrounding areas. Also known as Saka people. Known for Bow and Arrows & Horses. 

Conquered all areas around the Black Sea. 

During the time of King Josiah 628 BCE. 

2 Chronicles Chapters:33 & 34

In approximately 624 B.C., the Scythians [near the Black Sea] launched a massive invasion to the south, and occupied Asia Minor, Syria, Media, Palestine and much of Assyria. They conquered as far south as Egypt, but spared that nation when the Egyptians offered them tribute money.

First King= Scythen= First King= Father was Hercales and mother serpent woman

Chief Of The Huns

5: 5th and 6th centuries they were held to be the Huns. 

The Huns= Germans, China, Hungarians, Kazakhstan, invaded China, Mongols

Chief Of The Islamic World

6: Gog and Magog were equated with the Magyars in the 10th century and with the entire Muslim world, led by Muhammad and Saladin, in the Middle Ages. 


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2 Peter 1:21-22