06 Oct 2022

A Message – Oct 5th, 2022

Israel The Bride Of “YHWH”

Yeshua Our Eternal Monarch And Lord: The Lion Of Judah

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VOTV Tenth Anniversary 

Putin & Russia/Nord Stream Pipeline

1: Russia switches off Europe’s main gas pipeline until sanctions are lifted. This happened 3wks ago. Russia supply 40% of gas to Europe. 

2: Russia’s gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline will not resume in full until the “collective west” lifts sanctions against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin has said.

Dmitry Peskov, president Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, blamed EU, UK and Canadian sanctions for Russia’s failure to deliver gas through the key pipeline, which pumps gas to Germany from St Petersburg via the Baltic Sea.

3: Putin wants to be the New Czar of Russia

Hitler & The Reichstag Truth-Hitler Did It


“Hitler then blamed the European Jews & killed over 6 million Jews and he wanted to be the New Kaiser” 

Nero Did It

The Great Fire of Rome (Latin: incendium magnum Romae) occurred in July AD 64. The fire began in the merchant shops around Rome’s chariot stadium, Circus Maximus, on the night of 19 July. After six days, the fire was brought under control, but before the damage could be assessed, the fire reignited and burned for another three days. In the aftermath of the fire, two thirds of Rome had been destroyed.

According to Tacitus and later Christian tradition, Emperor Nero blamed the devastation on the Christian community in the city, initiating the empire’s first persecution against the Christians.


Nero was proclaimed emperor in AD 54 at the age of 17. His rule has commonly been associated with impulsiveness and tyranny. Early in his reign he was heavily advised, but he slowly became more independent. In 59 AD, encouraged by his mistress Poppaea, Nero murdered his mother. His leading adviser, Seneca, was discharged and forced to commit suicide. After the Great Fire of Rome occurred in July 64, it was rumoured that Nero ordered the fire to clear space for a new palace.

At the time of the fire Nero may not have been in the city but 35 miles away at his villa in Antium, and possibly returned to the city before the fire was out.

“Nero then blamed the Body Of Christ & Persecuted & Killed Christians”

September 11/09/2001? Gulf War

Israel EastMed Pipelines 

Israel-41 Trillion cuboid feet

Russia- 20% of World Gas Supply 1600 Quad Trillion

USA- 7-8% of World Gas Supply

Can Israel supply Europe?


January 2022 Article 


February 2022 Article 


The US and Germany warned Russia & Putin back In January 2022 that if they invade The Ukraine 🇺🇦 they would stop the progression of the Nord Stream 2 Pipelines. 

Germany is/was the largest EU Country that heavily relied on Russian Gas and well as 9 other EU nations. But prior to the attack on the Pipelines, Germany were & are in talks with Israel to supply them their Gas ⛽️ 

Did America Do it, which now will heat up a Nuclear war?

Or Did Putin do it to Justify his actions. There’s an Eastern European thought that emphasis, to show one’s enemies that one is truly are a man, he would in-front of his enemies kill his own family- Why? To show ones enemies they have no power over them

The Red Heifer 

Five perfectly red heifers required for the ritual purification of those who have touched a dead body, arrived in Israel from a ranch in Texas on Thursday, as the Temple Institute continues preparations to lay the ground for the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

A Christian farmer in Texas raised the prized heifers which are essential for priests to serve in the Temple.

Abraham Accord/Covenant of Death?

Speaking up against WEF