16 Sep 2015

Wake Up or Be Duped!!!!!

IMG_6303Neville Chamberlain declared “Peace in our Time”
After his talks with Hitler in 1938. 1939 he publicly announced Hitler will no longer bomb any more European Countries. He was duped.

Less than a year later Hitler’s troops began firing many shots in Poland. As it happened, Hitler had never meant what he told Chamberlain.
Shortly thereafter, Britain – an ally of Poland also was at war with Germany.

Chamberlain did not recognise the enemy and their true intentions. During Hitler’s time, after the first world war the map of Europe was re-drawn and several new countries were formed. As a result of this three million Germans found themselves now living in a part of Czechoslovakia. When Adolf Hitler came to power, he wanted to unite all Germans into one nation. Hitler used this to invade other nations. He murdered millions. His intention was to take over.

Wake up West. There are millions of Christians being murdered all over the world. Their crime “That they Love Jesus Christ and Love the truth.

Just like the west turned their back on the Jews and believed the lie. 4500 Jews aboard the exodus were turned back from Great Britain in 1946 – 47. They were fleeing the evil of Nazi Germany, only to be sent back to where they were killed in concentration camps. There was a saying that the sun would never go down on the British Empire. Yet due to their rejection of the Jews God judged them. Today the sun goes down everyday. Likewise America will suffer the same.

The Jews were killed for being Jews. Hated by the old enemy himself, yet the world is not recognising the global threat of Islam. The people fleeing Syria, Iraq etc…. are fleeing Islam. Isis is a true definition of the root of Islam. Yet the West are blind to this. They build more Mosques, allow more Muslims into nations without giving them the Gospel. They abort their own children, while Islamic families have 7 – 10 babies. They call Israel an Apartheid state, yet they live in the centre surrounded by those trying to annihilate them. God will soon judge all nations and all individuals who reject his word. Those who turn a blind eye to the persecution of millions of Christ loving Christians, those who believe the lie rather than the truth.

The West ignore the true intentions of the enemy. WAKE UP!!!

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