10 Dec 2015

Abortion read on take note

Dear Brethren,

This is our testimony to all who care to listen and a message to all who contemplate abortion.

This is our testimony of salvation.

Yes one of our sins was abortion, abortion is a life taken away without deep thought and without any consideration, you may even think without consequence or judgement.

Once you think you have the option of abortion you only have one thought, it’s over and I’m glad to be out of there, it’s over I’m out of this messy situation. You have no thought of murder or I’ve just killed my own baby. No thought of righteousness.

The word abortion sends shivers down the spine. Not even the word abortion not even a sign of comfort in the name. Abortion clinics are cold, miserable, dull full of death and unborn children, full of awfulness.

In our opinion the doctors are more concerned about get you in and get you out. How many expectant mothers can I deal with before the clinic shuts? How much money can I make? The doctors do not give you a true picture or enough insight and consultation to expectant mothers. The mother knows nothing apart from a few brief words.

There are zero pictures, nothing visual, no diagrams. The fathers are never spoken to or questioned or told anything about the procedure.

The abortion procedure takes between 30 – 40 minutes, the father is told to wait in a room with others fathers and asked if you would like a tea, coffee, biscuit, toast or slice of cake.

I asked a doctor standing in a corridor with a nurse alongside. How big would the baby be? Is the baby formed? Is the baby alive? Is the baby moving? No was the reply from the doctor followed by the nurse. The doctor then replied the fetus is about half the size of a garden pea, not alive at all.

Those words only hid the truth from us, but those words were what we wanted to hear, those words were what we wanted to believe, those words gave us both something to hide behind.

Reality the next day those words could not have been further from the truth.

The truth come to us through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

There is never a hour, a day, a week, month or year that you are allowed to forget. In Gods eyes we killed a child, our own child

God wants to use all, as he did with many in the past and will in the future in his word.

Who are we? Who are you to question the lords word? So we came forward in the name of Jesus Christ and except our sins and repent.

We pray that all take heed of our deeds so we can give guidance to others regarding the abortion of unborn children through Jesus Christ and VOTV.

We became born again Christians, yes God forgives us for our sins for we are born again. Do we think we are any better than Hitler in World War 2 or this testimony any better than a Japanese solider when he confesses to throwing European babies up in the air only to catch them on the end of his rifle bayonet.

One day we will both know the magnitude of our sins when we see the magnitude of what it cost God to cleanse us from our sins and when we see our child in the arms of the Lord.

We say to all, we have been forgiven through Jesus Christ, so please listen abortion is not the answer, abortion never was. We pray that our child walks and talks to Jesus Christ because we will meet again.

We pray our testimony helps everyone including you, we pray you do the right thing say no to abortion.

Picture yourself with your new baby     Picture you overlooking your baby asleep, picture this the laughter of your baby, picture you feeding your baby. Picture this your baby taking its first steps. Picture this your baby saying mom or dad for the first time. The joys we could of and should of had. That you can still have.

Don’t kill your child rejoice that you have been blessed. Always seek the truth.

We found the truth through VOTV  we found support from Mr T Sond. We support VOTV. Now we have become part of VOTV.

After reading our testimony of it helps a father, protects a mother and saves one child’s life then it’s been worth it.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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