28 Dec 2015

Sister Bibi

Bleeding internal
To all brethren.
To all people.
To all Christians young and old.
From your brother.
From VOTV.

I share my thoughts and concerns for sister bibi,I pray for sister bibi and her family.
To all Christians near and far I ask for for your support.
Join me in my concerns and help free sister bibi from her captures.
I ask that all brothers and sisters to put pen to paper, to make a phone call,to send an e-mail.

Forget about your own anxiety or cares for one hour, please spare that hour for sister Bibi, locked up with no medical care, bleeding internal.

Peter 5.7
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Psalm 55.22
Cast your cares on The Lord and he will sustain you.
He will never let the righteous fall.

I urge all brothers and sisters to contact one or all of the contacts I’ve supplied, lets free sister Bibi.
There is no excuse for anyone of us.
BBC wm =bbc@BBC.co.Uk Birmingham@BBC.Co.Uk

Itv = itvpresscentre@itv.Com

Sky news = news@sky.Com

Channel 4 = pressenquiries@channel 4.Co.Uk

Fox = newswatch@FoxNews.Com

Ccn = Bridget.leininger @turner.Com

The sun = scosol @the-sun.Co.uk

Express star = esstarservice @ expressandstar.co.Uk

The daily mail = news@mailonline .Co.uk

No excuses,make it happen.
Please contact votv with all letters, e-mails, etc.
Votv would love to except them on our site.

Please have faith in what help you give and our Lord Jesus Christ will do the rest.
Father I a pray for all to read and all to act.

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