10 Jan 2016

Greetings In Yeshua

Greetings In Yeshua






Isaiah 5:19-21

19 Who say, “Let Him make speed, let Him hasten His work, that we may see it;
And let the purpose of the Holy One of Israel draw near
And come to pass, that we may know it!”
20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
And clever in their own sight

The Refugee Crisis!!! Well in Germany, Sweden and Various other European nations 100s of women are being raped. They called these barbaric people good and their false religion and called the Believers of Christ who are being killed and tortured by this false religion and people bad. Well God is saying you want to call evil good and good evil, then you can have these evil demonic people. You Fools, you profess to be wise but have become fools!!!

Secondly. A brother and sister lost their son who was 30 this Thursday just gone. Brethren I went to Israel with. Their son should have listened to his parents and not walk in the mind of the world. He went to hospital last week for a check up and died. We cannot fool God. We cannot toy around with Sin. Please read what God says about sin. We are called to kick it out and walk In Christ.
1 Corinthians 5

Corinth was a city with a remarkable reputation for loose living and especially sexual immorality. In classical Greek literature, to act like a Corinthian meant to practice fornication, and a Corinthians companion meant a prostitute. This sexual immorality was permitted under the widely popular worship of Aphrodite (also known as Venus, the goddess of fertility and sexuality). It was a major trading city and many from other shores traveled through it to trade, listen to philosophers, revilers of truth, drunken orgies, swindlers, con merchants, sexual perversion and above veneration of Idol worship which allowed all forms of perversion. This is where Paul addressed the message to the Unknown God in acts 17-18.

Paul stated in a pervious chapter that he wanted them to be on meat now, but they still acted as if they where on milk. Why? Because of their arrogance and pride. Paul spent 1 year & 6 months with them. He both taught the Jews first and then the Greeks. He faced much opposition but trusted God to keep him and the church against rebellious Jews and sexual immorality.

Immorality Rebuked!

Immorality: indestructibility, incorruptibility; hence: immortality.

The Report Came To Paul, about an immoral person among the church of Corinth, and the immoral act was far worst than an act the city of Corinth was known for, its sexual perversion, immorality, temple prostitution and all others vices. This sin topped all other perversions. In the pervious chapter Paul addressed that all things will be exposed and that nothing is hidden from Gods Eyes. The trouble here with the Corinthian church was, they boasted in their knowledge that they where taught by great teachers like Paul or Apollos but failed to realise that the knowledge they where taught was the Mind Of Christ. That they where temples of the Holy Spirit and sin no longer must have reign in their bodies. The Knowledge of Christ must lead to Application, which then transforms us from death to life, from sin to righteousness and being set apart for Christ. To be the light of Christ to this fallen world. Yet here though they profess to be wise they failed to deal with sin in the camp. Sexual immorality was exposed and that of such that not even Gentiles would do, that this person was sleeping with his fathers wife. God hates immorality because it is an act of an unfaithful bride, who misuses her body and dishonours the unique love of God. This then leads to idolatry where instead of Christ being ruler and husband of the Body, soul & spirit, another has taken the place, the place where only the high priest could only enter. Here the sinners was acting far worst than the people of Corinth, for their acts of sexual immorality was a form of worship to the demonic goddess Aphrodite. Sexuality in the body of Christ was to reflect among husband & wife and to produce the image of God. This person who was caught in this sexual act was not in the mind of Christ, but puffed up in pride and blind to his wicked sin, which then bought dishonour to his family and the body of Christ. Pride is the root of all evil, and it cares of no one but itself, this was the sin that bought lucifer down. Behind every sin is pride, this then lead the church to be ignorant to the sin, which lead to compromise and open shame among the Gentile unbelievers. Instead of morning over this sin the church boasted in their arrogance. It’s like many false churches today that ordain homosexual marriages and all forms of sexual perversion, so that they would be excepted by modern day society. Instead of taking Jesus Christ to them, they where changing the word of God to accompany their evil stand. Like Jesus said ” as in the days of Lot, so shall it be in the end.”God now exposes this sin and judges the person, but awakens the church from milk to solid food. Application and not just knowledge.

Paul Here now judges this person with Jesus Christ. He judges in accordance to Gods word. Though he personally wasn’t present at that time in Corinth, the act of sin widespread and reached him where he was. As a true shepherd and the one God used to build the fellowship, he now acts with the mind of Christ and judges the person. But he does so by first correcting the church through the Holy Spirit and brings them back to Jesus Christ so they could see through the eyes of The Lord and remove such a person from the fellowship. He through the Power of Jesus Christ hands the unrepentant sinner into the hands of Satan. Why? Satans desire is to kill all Christians and because this person rejected instruction and continued to deceive and not repent even though God exposed him, Paul hands him over to Satan so his earthly life would come to an end. Was Paul being unjust here? No, Paul desired that the sinner would now see the true face of sin and Satan and realise his sin & repent. God here uses Satan as an instrument of judgement to convict the sinner of their sins. God did this many times with Israel when they sinned against him. He bought their enemies upon them to teach them that without him they where nothing. We as Christians fail to sometimes realise what God truly protects us from. The wrath of evil & Satan will soon be released upon plant earth for their evil sins, but God will judge his house first. Here this sinner was now exposed to Satan and will realise that without the protection of God and the Church he was doomed. But Paul hoped that though his body will die, that the judgment will lead him to repent so his soul could once again be saved and see the rapture, for the dead in Christ shall rise first. Jesus countless times taught the church to be like watchmen and look up for his return daily. To discern the times we live in. To look up for our blessed hope. False teachers today tell the church to forget end time teaching and hope in this world. This takes away the urgency of once watchful eye of Christ and the cross. We are called to watch out for each other and that’s what Paul was doing. He wasn’t preaching a seeker friendly word, but truth in Christ. But sin has consequences and this sin was not only destroying the sinner but also his household. Sin never goes down alone, it try’s to take many with it. When Jesus Christ saved the woman caught in adultery, and he dealt with her accusers and saved her from being stoned, He then said to her sin no more. Every sin God will expose.

Boasting is a reflection of pride. Pride as I said is the root of all evil. Behind every sin is pride. When we sin we are defying God and proclaiming our own law which eventually becomes damnation to our soul. Paul here addresses sin here as yeast, yeast is filled with billions of single-celled fungi that scientists call Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (“sugar-eating fungus”). The Yeast cells are living organisms, As you add them to some warm water, they come alive. In bread dough, the yeast cells mix with warm water and begin to feed on sugars, As yeast cells feed on sugars, they produce carbon dioxide gas and ethyl alcohol in a chemical process known as fermentation. The carbon dioxide gas released by the process of fermentation gets trapped in the sticky, elastic dough, causing it to “puff up” or rise. All it takes is a little bit of yeast and the whole dough becomes puffed up. Likewise a little bit of sin causes the whole body to puff up. During the feast of Passover, one of the seven feast of Israel which tells of the story when God kept his people in Egypt when the Angel passed by and struck all the first born off Egypt for their sins. The wife would go around the house with a candle with her children and look for leavened bread hidden by the husband. When they find it in the dark with the light of the candle, they would take it outside and burn it. This represents how the light God exposes sin and we are then called to remove it before it leavens the whole house and brings it to ruin. Jesus Christ is the Passover Lamb, as Moses was instructed to kill a lamb and cover the door posts and pillars with the blood of the lamb, so when the Angel of Death passed by it did not touch the houses that where covered in the Blood of the lamb. They where also instructed to eat the Lamb with bitter herbs and leave none behind. The bitter herbs express the bitterness of sin and how that bitterness was put on Christ. They also baked unleavened bread called matzo Bread. They pierced it and put stripes in it which symbolised how Jesus Christ was pierced for our transgressions and wiped for our healing. This is what Paul is saying that before we take the Lords super which represents the Lamb of God slain for the sins of the World, we are to take Gods light and remove all sin from our lives and homes. For if we fail to do so we bring ill health and death upon us and our household. God hates sin, for its reminds him of What it cost him, his Beloved Son. We are called not to trample the Blood of the Lord with unbelief and sin. We are called to clean out all past leaven and become a new person filled with the Holy Ghost who now puffs us up with the Glory of the Cross. We are called to take the Gospel to the world, not bring the world into the church with its sins.

Paul clearly states here not to associate with immoral people. People who claim to be betrothed to the Lord Jesus Christ, but are also in bed with sin and the world. Who’s life’s are still glorifying sin and Not Jesus Christ. He makes clear that he talks not of those in the world for they do things of the world for they are not saved, but we are called to be set apart and not act in accordance to the world. We are in the world but not of the world. We are called to preach with our life’s to the world, but not bring the world into our life’s and homes. Yet here the church failed to remove sin from within the body.

Immoral person brings in sin, which results in another idol which then leavens the whole lump. A mixture God hates. A believer who claims to be in Christ yet walks still as if he or she is part of the fallen world is far worst than an unbeliever. They are harlots bringing dishonour to the body of Christ. Like false religions today, Islam says it can rape women, rape the unbelievers wifes, Catholics prohibited their clergy to marry, which not of God, and today that evil false church is full of homosexuals, phedophiles and sexual predators. Hinduism teaches karma, and if you rape someone, it was their karma. False teachers today are endorsing LGBT and many have been caught in adultery and homosexual acts. Pop stars profess to be Christians yet they promote all forms of sexual perversion in their videos.

Covetous person is one who is not Content with Christ, but inwardly still desires the world. This then leads to sin entering the body of Christ. For they are double minded and not walking in the Mind Of Christ. They serve to masters. Mamon and claim to serve God. Their heart is divided with compromise and hidden sin. Remember Lots wife. You cannot love the world and then also claim to Love Jesus Christ. They desire to Covet Gods Glory and demand people to follow them instead of Jesus Christ. False brethren seeking their own glory and sexually exploiting gods people.
Idolater person is he or she that’s lies in bed with all false religions and isms and the false love of the world. They never proclaim that Christ is the Only way to salvation. They call it love, not to offend anyone, but fail to realise that Gods love is not an emotion or feeling, but Spirit & Truth. It Is Jesus Christ. They package their own form of god to please everyone and deny The Son of God. Their wicked selfish attitudes mislead many to hell. Instead of being set apart they are sell outs of the truth.

Reviler, is he who disregards Gods instruction and conviction. They revile men of God that hold to truth so they can continue in sin. Abuser of Gods grace and mercy, using it to say they are free to sin for Jesus died for them. But failing to understand that Jesus Christ said come up here and die with me. Repent & Sin no more.
Swindlers, they rob the body of Christ with false teachings and mind games. Making Gods house a den of thief’s. Robbing Gods glory. Selling salvation and false healing. Merchandise sellers. Self proclaimed gospel singers yet deny the Very Lord and His Word in their lyrics and life. Showmanship and pop psychology that only misleads people. Never boasting in the Cross but in self. Most of what you see on so called Christian channels are false. Rick warren, rob bell, benny Hin Joyce miyer, t d jakes, creflo dollar etc……… The list is endless of false teachers. A major sign of the last days.

Drunkards. One of the fruit of the Spirit is sound mind, those who are constantly drunk cannot discern what the Spirit or Word Of God Is saying to them or the Body. They claim they are drunk in to spirit and are highly spiritual. But where there is no order there is not clarity. Strong drink continually drunk without care leads to destruction. There’s nothing good about it. Praise God he now has delivered me from strong drink as he did with cigarettes. Both are bad witnesses for the Growth of the church. If one ha no care for their own body, how then can they care for the body of Christ. Drunkenness which then leads sexual orgies and acts. It’s better to be in a sound mind. In Christ’s Mind.

Paul urges brethren to be vigilante and watch over each other and judge in accordance to The Mind Of Christ via the Holy Ghost. For The World and unbelievers are already judged by God if they refuse to Turn from their sins and turn To Jesus Christ the Lord. Judgment of God always starts in the house of God First. The Lords Table Should Never Be Taken Lightly!!!
That’s why we watch over each other’s souls here and at VOTV. It’s now time for meat after 2& half years of teaching.

Praise God For Jesus Christ Our Lord.

In Christ


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