23 Sep 2015




This image shows 2 different stories.

1: Is a washed ashore child on a beach, escaping the evil horrors of Isis and Islam. The image is photographed for the world to see.

2: The other image is a child dumped with Crimson offal and human waste. A photograph that no one wants to see. A child murdered via abortion. Rejected.

The first image caused an up roar. It gave many refugees opportunity to get into many Western nations. The EU has forced many nations to allow these refugees from Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan to enter their nations. Germany pledged to take 1 million. Pop stars, movie stars, sports stars and leading political figures spoke out and spoke up regarding the image of the young child on the beach. People were moved. A child should not die like this many said. Yet not one condemned the cause of why? Isis is the true face of Islam. Most of these refugees are Isis members infiltrating into Western nations. Yet the EU and the rest of the world use the image of a young child to force nations to take up these refugees. Yet not one of the leading nations speaks of the millions of Christians murdered world wide only because they love Jesus Christ.

The image of the aborted child, is justified by governments, nations, pop stars, movie stars, sports stars and leading political figures. Choice they say!!! What about the choice of the child???
No one is moved. Well God is moved. God knows every child that is murdered via abortion. God will be their voice. God is moved.
These nations are duped who are letting these refugees in. It’s the judgement of God. These nations murder their own in hospitals via abortion. Yet are ready to take in others from nations governed by Islam. These refugees won’t reject Islam yet want to come to so called Christian nations. Muslim nations like Saudia Arabia, Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi refuse to take these refugees in case they are terrorists, yet are happy to build for them mosques in the EU nations. As the EU nations kill their own babies, Islamic families are having 9 – 10 babies. This is all strategic tactics to Islamise the world.

Since 1980
1,436,949,598 babies have been murdered via abortion to date

Since 1970
Planned parenthood have killed 7 million

55 million babies are aborted every year. Yet the world is moved by one child escaping or killed to justify refugees to invade nations.

The World Needs To Wake Up.

Refugees Concern!!!

Bloody Money!!!


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